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"Kelly’s support has been phenomenal  in helping us to sleep train our 15 month old to sleep through the night and self settle. Her kind and positive disposition along with her detailed guidance and support throughout the process, was invaluable. She also helped to transition our 4 year old into the same room as our youngest daughter. They are both sleeping through the night together now and my husband and I finally have our room back to ourselves! Cannot thank her enough for everything. I would highly recommend Kellie to anyone in need of a solid sleep again! 10/10 service!"


- Emily, Sydney

"Kelly is fantastic she made the both of us feel secure and confident in the changes that we implemented. Any question and tweaks to the routine were no issue and she quickly resolved any queries we had. Her method is let by you and what you feel comfortable with which is why we decided to go with Kelly. Thank you again and will most definitely be using her if we are lucky enough to have another baby."

- Emma, Scotland


"Tommy was a great night sleeper from the beginning. However, during the day he would only sleep for 30/45 mins at a time and he would wake for the day at 5:30am.


With an older child in the house, homeschooling and lack of sleep getting too much; Kelly helped me get Tommy onto a predictable and consistent routine. She also helped me move him into his own bedroom, giving me and my husband our room back!


Tommy is now happy, content and sleeps for long stretches throughout the day. This has benefitted the whole family. Including my eldest son who loves having one on one ‘mummy time’ whilst Tommy naps contentedly upstairs!"

-Sophia, Dubai

"My only regret is not contacting Kelly sooner. It's been a total game changer for our family. 😍"

- Natalie, Dubai


"Having the support from Kelly on a sleep change journey has been absolutely invaluable. It is like having a friend hold your hand throughout the whole process, to keep you on track and to guide you emotionally and practically. Kelly is so kind, firm and supportive. She goes above and beyond to help both parent and child. Thank you Kelly, you are wonderful."

- Georgina, England

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