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Hi, I’m Kelly, a certified infant and maternity sleep consultant specializing in twins and triplets. My husband and I are based in Dubai and live a simple beachside life with our boys, two of which are twins. I have been working with babies for quite some time but my curiosity for infant sleep grew stronger after our twins arrived. My desire is to help families experience infant sleep as something positive and to greatly reduce the uncertainty they face when it comes to their little ones forever changing sleep needs and behaviors. This pushed me to educate myself as much as I could on the science behind sleep and the various techniques used by experts in the industry. It was life changing for me to know I could put my twins down wide awake, say goodnight and leave the room confidently knowing they would be happily getting the rest they needed. It is truly empowering to teach your baby not only how to sleep peacefully but also how to love their sleep. My holistic approach has successfully helped families worldwide get the sleep they need to thrive.


- Sleep well, live well -

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Holistic infant and child sleep guidance

★ Certified sleep consultant 


★ Dubai-based 

★ Specialising in twins and triplets